Introductions from DSPG Leaders

1:00 PM

Introduction to the Oregon State University Date Science for the Public Good Project

-Brett Tyler, Director, Center for Quantitative Life Sciences, Oregon State University

1:05 PM

Tri-state Data Science for the Public Good Project

- Sallie Keller, Director, Social and Decision Analytics Division, University of Virginia’s Biocomplexity Institute

1:10 PM 

Data Science Knowledge and Resources for Extension Professionals

- Lindsey Shirley, Associate Provost, Oregon State University Outreach and Engagement

Keynote Speaker

1:15 PM 

Social determinants of health related to COVID-19: disparities between urban and rural communities

Charisse Madlock-Brown, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

1:45 PM Break


2:00 PM

Measuring Economic and Social Infrastructure: Intergenerational Poverty in Page County, VA

2:15 PM

Wintertime air quality health impacts in Oakridge and Westfir

2:30 PM Mapping Iowa’s Substance Use Care Infrastructure
2:45 PM Impacts of dam water release policy on Deschutes River health and recreation
3:00 PM Barriers to Health Care Access and Use in Patrick County, VA
3:15 PM Forecasting tools for cost analysis of water and wastewater facilities in Oregon small towns and cities
3:30 PM Economic Mobility Baseline and Comparative Analysis for the South Wasco County School District Area, Oregon
3:45 PM Regulatory impacts on economic development in the Eastern Oregon border region
4:00 PM Water quality requirements for fresh produce growers