CQLS has just installed a new Leica Stellaris 5 Confocal Microscope System which replaces an older confocal system. A confocal system has the capacity to image in Z and time to better visualize location in 3D than widefield fluorescence microscope. The system has a white light laser (WLL) with tunable excitations from 485 nm up to 685 nm in addition to a 405 nm laser and sensitive HyD S detectors with a detection range from 410 to 850 nm.  Additionally, the Stellaris system also has TauSense, a set of tools based on fluorescence lifetime information, and LIGHTNING which expands the extraction of image details for both classical imaging range and beyond the diffraction limit (120nm). We will be offering training to those people who have a project ready for imaging.  Contact Anne-Marie Girard to discuss potential projects or for more information.