The Center for Quantitative Life Sciences at Oregon State University invites applications for two Faculty Research Assistant Bioinformatics positions as either Bioinformatics Analyst (BS/MS) or Bioinformatics Scientist (PhD).


The Center for Quantitative Life Sciences (CQLS) at Oregon State University collaborates with and assists life scientists of all levels in their research using cutting-edge genomics, data science, and computational techniques. The purpose of this position is to provide bioinformatics and data analytics research consulting services, and to assist and develop collaborative research and educational opportunities. The CQLS is an enthusiastic team of data, computer, and laboratory scientists serving OSU and beyond.


This position will carry out analysis of large-scale data sets from the life, health, earth, engineering, and computer science domains, including genomics and transcriptomics research, environmental data analysis, machine learning and multi-modal data analytics. Includes meeting with clients to plan research projects, assisting researchers with one-on-one training interpret data, conducing data research, and preparing publications.  The successful candidate will participate in funded research projects requiring skills in data science, bioinformatics, computational biology and biocomputing. May involve development of new tools and algorithms, preparation of grant proposals, writing of papers, and attendance at conferences. May serve as instructor for short workshops or classes in topics of data science, bioinformatics, computational biology, and programming.  This position will contribute to advancing the diversity, equity and inclusion goals of the Center and the University.


Please see OSU's Job Posting for full details and application instructions:


Contact Brent Kronmiller ( for more information.