XSEDE logoXSEDE is a collection of computing resources that scientists can use to interactively access and share computing resources, data and expertise. It consists of supercomputers, high throughput computing, storage, cloud computing, software and support for scientific computing.

XSEDE is NSF funded and is available to all Oregon State researchers.  Allocations are available based on a proposal system. A startup allocation can be requested any time. Based on the performance of the code and appropriateness of the computations a proposal can be submitted for a full research allocation (there are 4 proposal periods per year).  XSEDE also offers specialized computing gateways, including bioscience gateways, that can be used at anytime without going through a proposal process.

The CGRB at Oregon State works with users to enable different pathways to access the XSEDE resources. We have many tools and methods developed to take full advantage of the valuable resource. To access XSEDE resources, go to https://www.xsede.org.  If you need assistance in gaining access to XSEDE resources, contact support@cgrb.oregonstate.edu.