KingFisher FlexThermo KingFisher Flex

The KingFisher Flex automated extraction system is used for nucleic acid isolation of DNA or RNA.

We offer the Omega MagBind Plant DNA DS protocol for plant tissue DNA extractions and the Omega MagBind Blood and Tissue protocol for animal tissue DNA extractions. Both protocols utilize our KingFisher Flex robot and are processed in 96-well plate format.

  • A High throughput 96 deep well magnetic head enables automated magnetic particle processing for DNA/RNA, protein or cell purification from virtually any source.
  • Magnetic bead based separation technology ensures the resulting DNA and RNA is free of protein, nucleases and other contaminants ensuring your purified nucleic acid samples are ready to use in downstream applications.

DNA quantification is also available as an added service.

Samples should be submitted in a Qiagen Collection Microtube plate. These plates are available for purchase from the CQLS and can be picked up in the core lab. After placing an order for both Lysis step - microtubes and Lysis-step - caps in Web order under Sample Prep > DNA extraction, please drop by the core lab to pick up your plates or contact Katie Carter to arrange a time for pick up.

Qiagen TissueLyserDNA/RNA Sample Submission

It is very important not to overload the tubes with tissue. This can cause significant decreases in yield. For plant tissue, please add <50 mg wet tissue or <15 mg dry tissue to each well. For animal tissue, please add <10 mg of tissue to each well.

For the best downstream DNA quality, plates should be flash frozen after addition of fresh tissue. Plates filled with wet tissue should be stored at -80C if they cannot be immediately dropped off at the CQLS. Lyophilization is also an acceptable sample preservation option.

If samples cannot be recollected, we recommend collecting a duplicate plate for each sample set in the very rare case of catastrophic lab accidents.

Sample Dropoff

  • Submit order online.
  • Supply 30-50mg samples in clearly marked plates of microtubes (Qiagen cat#19560).
  • Make sure the sample plate ID matches the plate ID names/numbers entered in the weborder.  Please include name of investigator and weborder number on the corresponding sample plates submitted.
  • Bring your samples to ALS 3139. 
  • You may put samples in freezer and contact us to move to our -80°C freezer, or ring the doorbell in the room to dropoff in person. 
  • For timely processing, let us know your samples have arrived.

Picking up DNA/RNA

  • Upon completion, extractions are stored on the bottom shelf of the -80°C freezer.
  • Completed extractions will be clearly labeled to correspond to the sample plate submitted and order number assigned.
  • An email notification will be sent to the contacts submitted in the weborder that the extracts are ready for pick-up.
  • Come by anytime during business hours to pick up DNA/RNA.

The KingFisher Flex is run as a service.  Contact Katie Carter for additional information about DNA extractions and Liz Zepeda for additional information about RNA extractions.

Additional Custom Services Available

RNA extractions are also available as a custom service. Contact Liz Zepeda for more information.

Other custom DNA extraction protocols for tissue and environmental samples, such as soil, are also available. Contact Katie Carter for more information.