Contact person for this service is Liz Zepeda.

Data Retrieval

  • After each run, a set of 48 ".fsa" files are generated in a run folder. A 96 well plate will contain 2 folders.
  • Data can be downloaded via our server after you login.
  • Data is archived on our servers for 3-6 months. Older data may be available on a CD or DVD hardcopy. CD/DVD copies are held for up to 3 years.
  • Ultimately researchers are responsible for the integrity of their previously collected data, though we will help when possible.

Data Analysis

    • CQLS uses ABI GeneMapper® software to analyze the .fsa output files by sizing fragments based on internal lane standard.
    • Further analysis with GeneMapper® can be used for microsatellite analysis, AFLP analysis, gene expression profiling, mutation detection, and mutation screening. There are free instruction (online modules) available from AB/LifeTechnologies. 
    • GeneMapper® can be accessed on a specific computer in the CQLS which is running a client version of the software to work with your data.  Contact Liz Zepeda for additional information.
    • Free software from Life Technologies Peak Scanner  can also be used to visualize your data.  We have instructions on printing plots.
    • Genographer is another free program available to download
    • You can choose to purchase GeneMapper, either a full version or a client.  A client will use the CQLS oracle database for analysis while the full version allows you to set up your own oracle database. Contact Matthew Peterson for more information