Assisted Imaging

Contact us to arrange an assisted imaging session with you to look at your specimen. In order for us to be most helpful during your assisted session, please fill out the following forms. Tell us as much as you can about your experiment.

  • Microscopy Registration Forms [PDF]


New users must complete training before using the system. Training can be requested by contacting facility staff.


  1. Submit Confocal Registration Forms signed by Principal Investigator and trainee applicant
    • Microscope Registration Forms [PDF]
  2. Read about Facility Policies
    • Microscope Usage and Instrument Policy [HTML]
  3. Prepare samples
    • Trainee must bring well-prepared samples to be imaged to the subsequent training sessions. Training sessions are geared toward individual samples. Time slots allocated for training do not allow for sample preparation. If users would like to view samples ahead of time on the confocal system to make sure they are working, contact staff to schedule an assisted session.
  4. Training session reserved once index number and forms are submitted

Zeiss LSM 780 NLO Confocal Microscope System Training

A training includes a few 2-hr sessions of training/practice to cover basic material and additional on-call assistance at peak rate until a practical test is passed. More extensive training covering subjects such as multi-photon imaging, spectral imaging, Multi-positional imaging are available at the training rate. The training process consists of the following procedures: 

  1. At least two 2-hour basic training sessions.  More may be needed depending on techniques needed to generate images for your experimental questions.
    • Recommended to be individual sessions for practice and covering techniques related to your project.
  2. Additional Practice sessions with on-call assistance at peak usage rate
    • The number of practice sessions will be determined by individual needs and the amount of time needed to learn specific techniques.
  3. A practical test
    • Demonstrate knowledge of basic subjects and procedures covered in training
      1. Appropriate start up and shut down of system must be shown to use system independently.
      2. Includes set up of configurations, generating quality images, z-stacks, saving and exporting images.
      3. Simple quiz on microscope policies and handling.
  4. Advanced Techniques and Image Analysis.
    • Advanced training on topics such as Multiphoton (Coherent Chameleon Vision II laser), Spectral Imaging, FRET, FRAP, incubation chamber use, or MultTime software is charged at the training rate.

Axiovert 200 Microscope System Training

Training available for using the microscope with or without camera. Brightfield images, Fluorescent imaging, Multi-color images, Z-stacks and Timecourses.