How To Get Your Results

Sequence data files are posted to the CQLS server. You can retrieve your data by:

  • Logging onto the web-ordering site 
  • Select "DNA Sequence" under "SERVICES" on the left hand menu
  • Select the "Results" link under "DNA Sequence"
  • Click the "Download Results" button for the order(s) you want to receive
  • Save the zip file(s) to your local drive

Viewing Results

PDF copies of trace files are sent via e-mail if printout is requested. We no longer supply hard-copies. To view the trace files you can download the following programs for free:

  • SeqTrace (Windows®, GNU/Linux, OSX) Has a feature that allows pairing of F/R primer sequences and can name the F/R sequences if you name them correctly. It also has automatic editing based upon base calling accuracy and allows for manual editing. Finally, SeqTrace allows you to make distinct 'projects' which helps a lot with organization. See also this article.
  • FinchTV (Windows® and Mac OSX)
  • Sequence Scanner (Windows® XP and Windows® 2000)
  • 4Peaks (Mac OSX)