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Unit: Centers & Institutes - Research
Department: Center Rsrch & Biocomp Ctr

Policy (effective July 1, 2021)

Center for Quantitative Life Sciences Discount Policy

Class 1: On-campus researchers: The first class of researchers are those who hold appointments at OSU but whose research funds are not held in an OSU Index.

i. Students and postdoctoral fellows who have external funding (e.g. from NSF) that provides research funds directly to the individual.
ii. Researchers (such as employees of federal and state agencies) who hold courtesy appointments at OSU.
iii. Visiting faculty with visiting appointments of more than 3 months.
iv. OSU Foundation and Ag. Foundation funds that do not have flow-through OSU indexes.

Class 2: TBD 

Class 3: External collaborators: The third class of researchers are those who are engaged in substantive collaborations with OSU faculty. To qualify for the discounted external rate, at least 20% of the cost of a service must be paid from an OSU index (but not a non-OSU, Oregon Public University index), in order for the remainder of the fees charged to the external researcher to be eligible for a discount. The 20% co-funding could also be paid from funding sources eligible for discounted external fees under class 1, except funds of visiting faculty (category iii above). 

GPGPU 62.5% discount, High Throughput 10% discount, Zeiss 780 NLO and Axiovert 200M Training, and Bioinformatics Custom Workshop 44% discount, 25% discount on all other available external fees for qualified researchers.