Multi-user rooms (ALS 3139, ALS 3131, ALS 2070)

  • The multi-user equipment in ALS 3139, ALS 3131, and ALS 2070 is available for trained users.
  • Request training to get gain access to instrument use and reservation calendars.
  • Some CGRB facilities are available with the encrypted orange OSU ID card
  • After hours Instrument room access can be requested for some usage.
  • Access is contingent on appropriate usage and PI approval.
  • Contact Anne-Marie Girard, or Core Lab Staff or 541-737-3413
  • The BSL2 Core Lab at ALS 3012 is locked. Use of any of our equipment in ALS 3012 is still by appointment only with the appropriate PPE. You can make an appointment or contact an individual person.

Multiuser Annex Webcam 3139


ALS 3139
Open 8:30am-5pm M-F
Card Access after hours
ALS 2070
Card Access
ALS 3131
Card Access
ABI 7500 FAST Real-Time PCR System Keyence BZ-X710 Fluorescent microscope BioTek Synergy H1 Hybrid Multi-Mode Plate Reader
ABI Absolute Q Digital PCR Zeiss LSM 780 NLO Confocal Microscope System  
Azure c600 Imager    
NanoDrop Spectrophotometer    
Qubit Fluorometer    
Qiagen TissueLyser II    
Request Access to Multi-user Equipment

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