QubitThe Qubit quantitation platform is a simple, selective, and highly sensitive method for detecting DNA, RNA, or protein.  As little as 1 uL of sample can be used.  The Quant-iT kits used with the Qubit instrument contain fluorescent dyes that are specific to the biomolecule of interest.  See the Quant-iT assay protocol. You must schedule a time on the calendar in order to use the Qubit.  Note: The CQLS Core Facilities does not supply tubes or assay kits for operating the Qubit.

The following assay kits and tubes from Invitrogen can be used with the Qubit:


  • Q32850 Quant-iT dsDNA BR Assay Kit, 100 assays *2-1000ng* (100pg/uL-1ug/uL)
  • Q32851 Quant-iT dsDNA HS Assay Kit, 100 assays *0.2-100ng* (10pg/uL-100ng/uL)


  • Q10212 Quant-iT ssDNA Assay Kit, 100 assays *1-200ng* (50pg/uL-200ng/uL)


  • Q10210 Quant-iT RNA BR Assay Kit, 100 assays *20-1000ng* (1ng/uL-1ug/uL)
  • Q32852 Quant-iT RNA Assay Kit, 100 assays *5-100ng* (250pg/uL-100ng/uL)


  • Q33211 Quant-iT Protein Assay Kit, 100 assays *0.25-5ug* (12.5ug/mL-5mg/mL)


  • 10011-830 Axygen PCR-05-C tubes (from VWR)
  • Q32856 Qubit assay tubes, 500 tubes


Contact Anne-Marie Girard  for any questions. Located in ALS 2156.

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