CQLS has an older Qubit 1.0 available for use. The Qubit quantitation platform is a simple, selective, and highly sensitive method for detecting DNA, RNA, or protein.  As little as 1 uL of sample can be used. These assay kits and tubes from Invitrogen can be used with the Qubit.  A few newer assays do not work with the Qubit 1.0 version such as the Qubit™ RNA IQ Assay. In addition, the Quant-iT kits contain fluorescent dyes that are specific to the biomolecule of interest and can also be used with the Qubit.  See the Quant-iT assay protocol.

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Location: ALS 3139
Calendar: Qubit Fluorometer. Reserve time for preferred use
Training: Not needed.
Cite Instrument: (Thermo Fisher Qubit fluorometer, RRID:SCR_018095)
  • Qubit Manual
  • The CQLS Core Facilities does not supply tubes or assay kits for operating the Qubit
  • 10011-830 Axygen PCR-05-C tubes (from VWR)
  • Q32856 Qubit assay tubes, 500 tubes