The ABI PRISM® 7500 FAST Sequence Detection System is a fully integrated system for real-time detection of PCR. The FAST system also allows for High Resolution Melting experiments.  The system includes a built-in thermal cycler, a tungsten-halogen lamp to induce fluorescence, CCD (charge-coupled device) detector, real-time sequence detection software and high resolution melting software.  Detection capabilities allow for SYBR, TaqMan and SYTO9 reagents applications. The 7500 FAST can process qPCR samples in 40 minutes (not including dissociation curve) with the appropriate chemistry.

The 7500 FAST is located in ALS 2156, where the CQLS houses Multi-User equipment, and it is available 24 hours / day, 7 days / week.  Access to the room is by key code for labs (upon request from the PI) and scheduling time on the instrument is by submitting an event to the online calendar. Do not use without scheduling a time.

You must receive training by CQLS staff prior to operating this instrument independently.  Please contact Anne-Marie Girard to schedule training. Web training modules may provide further instruction on your intended application. 

Additional educational materials can be found at Thermo Fisher.

When setting up your experiment consider MIQE: Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments


  • 7500 FAST System SDS v 2.3 to analyze data
  • High Resolution Melting (HRM) software to analyze data
  • Software for use in your lab (set up templates to run, analyze data) can be downloaded from this link. Please review the Release Notes file with information on the operating systems compatible with installing the new software. You can download software for use in your lab. Please review the Release Notes file with information on the operating systems compatible with installing the new software.   


Compatible plates and tubes for the 7500 FAST block are: 

  • The investigators are responsible for purchasing all consumables.
    • Plates AB: part number 4346906
    • 8-strip tubes: part number 4358293
    • Caps for 8-strip tubes: part number 4323032 


  • Be aware:  Antivirus Software WARNING for 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR Users The laptop attached to the 7500 FAST does NOT have antivirus software because it interferes with data collection.
    • It is YOUR responsibility to verify that any USB device (thumb/flash drive, hard drive, etc.) that you plug into this laptop is free of viruses and malware.
    • You can scan your USB device for viruses and malware using the Spectrophotometer computer located under the web cam in the back corner of the room. Posted instructions will tell you how to scan your USB device.
    • If you have any questions or believe your USB device has been infected by the laptop, immediately contact the Core Lab personnel in ALS 3012 or Matthew Peterson (7-3897)