The system will detect labeled DNA, RNA and proteins or other labeled molecules on blots, gels or other substrates for qualitative and quantitative assays. Having the capacity for both chemiluminescence, fluorescence and IR will allow labs to detect multiple species of molecules in a single experiment. This imaging system supports applications of IR and Visible Fluorescent Westerns, Chemiluminescent Westerns, IR and Visible Fluorescent Protein Arrays, and DNA and Protein gel imaging, colorimetric and photometric imaging.

The system has Illumination light sources

  • 2 sets of infrared, solid state laser diodes emitting at 660nm +/-3nm, and 785nm +/-3nm respectively for excitation with detection of IR fluorescent dyes at (710-730nm) and (815-830nm)
  • Three Channel RGB Excitation – For Cy5/Cy3/Cy2 applications. 3 sets of LEDs for excitation of dyes excited in the blue (457nm), green (530nm), and red (628nm) spectrum of visible fluorescence for multiplex imaging of dyes.
  • epi-blue LEDs (470nm) for excitation of DNA gels stained with SAFE fluorescent dyes like SYPR Safe dye. 
  • Dual wavelength UV transilluminator at 302nm and 365nm light source for DNA applications and various dyes (exmpl: SYBR® green, SYBR gold, SYPRO® orange, fluorescein, RadiantRed®,Texas Red®, SYPRO Red. ) Please note that use of Ethidium Bromide is forbidden on this instrument and in ALS 2156.
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Location: ALS 3139

Calendar: Azure c600 Imager. Reserve time for all use

Training: Needed before use.

Contact:  For calendar access, training or after hours access.