Protein Simple WES machine



How does it work? The Protein Simple Wes size based immunoassays take place in 13 or 25 capillary array single use cartridges. Proteins are automatically loaded into the capillary from the sample plate and separated by size as they migrate through a stacking and separation matrix. The separated proteins are then immobilized to the capillary wall via a proprietary, photoactivated capture chemistry. Target proteins are identified using a primary antibody and immunoprobed using an HRP-conjugated secondary antibody and chemiluminescent substrate. The resulting chemiluminescent signal is detected and quantitated.


Protein Simple WES data


What does the data look like? Simple Western size-based assay data is processed automatically in Compass software. Sample data is displayed by lane in a virtual-blot like image similar to traditional results when the assay is completed. Quantitative results such as molecular weight, signal intensity (area), % area, and signal-to-noise for each immunodetected protein are presented in the results table automatically. For those more familiar with capillary electrophoresis, a more traditional electropherogram view is also available.  A free download of the Compass Software used for analysis can be found at


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