Last update: September 23, 2021, 4:00 PM 

Our goal is to ensure that our staff, and the researchers who interact with us, remain as safe possible, while at the same time doing our best to continue to serve those of you who rely on our services to push forward your research programs.

All of our staff will be working from home where possible, but the core lab will be staffed during regular hours. When visiting with them please wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after. We will also be practicing CDC guidelines including frequent hand-washing and regularly sanitizing high-touch surfaces. Here are some more specific updates:

The main office may be open. If you need to speak with someone in person, call 541-737-3347 to verify if someone is in the office before stopping by. You can also email:

Bo Price

CQLS facilities can now be used without a research resumption plan. Masks, distancing, personnel space requirements, and protocols remain in place.

  • We are now allowing self-serve sample drop off during our open hours without an appointment. Typically, we are open between 9am-4pm but not guaranteed.
  • All samples can be dropped off only in the -20C freezer/refrigerator just inside the front door.  There are marked shelves for each service in this freezer. If your samples need to be transferred to the -80C freezer, send an email to that effect.
  • Please note that we are a BSL2 lab and access is only for the very front of the lab.  If you need to discuss anything about your samples when dropping them off, please make an appointment ahead of time with the relevant person.
  • Use of any of our equipment in ALS 3012 is still by appointment only with the appropriate PPE. You can make an appointment with an individual person or at
  • Training is now available for multiuser equipment upon request. Masks and protocols for using multiuser rooms and equipment remain in place. Please continue to use the calendar system to reserve time on the instruments. We can still only allow one user in this space at a time.

General Core Lab contact: or 541-737-3413
Illumina MiSeq, NextSeq, HiSeq – Mark Dasenko,
Sanger Sequencing, Capillary Genotyping, GBS, DNA/RNA Extractions, Blue Pippin – Liz Zepeda,
PacBio Sequencing – Liz Zepeda,
Bioanalyzer, TapeStation, ddPCR – Anne-Marie Girard, , (secondary: Katie Carter, Liz Zepeda)
Microscopy – Anne-Marie Girard,
Multiuser equipment – Felipe Arredondo,


Multi-user room

The multi-user room is available for use for trained users of essential or approved resumed research.

  1. There will be only one person allowed into the Multiuser room, ALS 2156, at the time.
  2. If you have new projects, this will have to be approved
  3. There will be one overlay calendar for all the instruments in the Multiuser room. Note that this is for the instrument and not for the individual.
  4. There will be time limits of 30 minutes per person per entry.
  5. Door codes will expire on 6/22/2020. In order to get a new code you will have to be approved before we can give you a new code.
  6. Door Code request will have to be done on line only. Under no other circumstances Door Codes will be given if you show up to the CQLS lab/office.

All staff will be working from home. Where possible, please contact staff via email. If you do call, please leave a message with your name and phone number, as all staff have voicemail to email turned on, but may not have access to the phone. Face-to-face conversations will be via Zoom where possible.

Our goal is to keep all servers operational, but there may be delays in service, as staff will be partially working from home. Again, where possible, please contact staff via email. If you do call, please leave a message with your name and phone number, as all staff have voicemail to email turned on, but may not have access to the phone.

Beginning Fall 2021 we will begin transition to in-person seminars. For further updates see

BUG meetings will be conducted via Zoom. Additional information will be provided closer to each date. For updates see

Our training workshops being offered remotely until the center is fully operational again.

Visit Our Training Workshop page for more details.