Friday & Saturday, September 24-25, 2004


12:00 Registration
1:30 Jim Carrington, Director, CGRB
1:45 Scott Givan, Bioinformatics Coordinator, "Computational Biology in the CGRB"
2:10 Barbara Cohen, Senior Editor, Public Library of Science (PLoS)
"Open Access - The Future of Scientific Publishing"

Roundtable Discussion: Barbara Cohen, Anne Christie, Brian Staskawicz

"Open Access, Publication and OSU"


Kevin Drost, Co-Director, Microproducts Breakthrough Institute and OSU Academic Director For ONAMI, 

"Overview of the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnology Institute"


Brian Staskawicz, UC Berkeley, Dept. of Plant and Microbial Biology,

"Molecular Basis of Plant Innate Immunity in Arabidopsis"

5:00 Poster Session
8:30 Entertainment
9:00 AM

Claudia Maier, Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry,

"Mass Spectometry in Proteome Research"


Hiro Nonogaki, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Horticulture,

"Enhancer Trap of Seed Germination-Associated Genes"

9:50 Stephen Mayfield, Guest Speaker, The Scripps Research Institute, Dept. of Cell Biology,
"Regulation of Chloroplast Gene Expression: What We've Learned on the Way to Making Human Antibodies in Eukaryotic Algae"
11:00 Luiz Bermudez, Professor & Interim Head, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences,
"Mechanisms of Interaction Between Mycobacteria and The Host"
11:25 Steve Giovannoni, Director, MCB Program, Open Forum
"The Future of MCB: What's Next?"
12:00 Working Lunch, Continuation of MCB Discussion
  Meeting Adjourns