Friday, September 12, 2014

Poster Award Winners

PostDoc/Trainer/Faculty: Venkatesh Moktali, FungiDB: a functional genomic resource for fungal & oomycete organisms
Grad student: Rachael C. Kuintzle, RNA-Seq Reveals Age-Induced Changes in Rhythmicity in Drosophila Transcriptome
Undergrad student: Alvin Yu, Identifying candidate drugs for atherosclerosis prevention or treatment through a systems biology approach to drug repurposing


8:00 Registration & refreshments (Poster & sponsor setup) 
9:00 Brett Tyler, Director, CGRB
Introduction, CGRB update
9:20 Shawn O’Neil, Adelaide Rhodes and Kelly Vining, CGRB
CGRB Bioinformatics Training: We can help!
    Moderator: Thomas Wolpert
9:30 Sheng-Yang He, Michigan State University
Bacterial pathogenesis as a probe of plant biology
10:15 Niklaus J. Grünwald, USDA –ARS/Botany & Plant Pathology
Inferring pattern and process of emergence in Phytophthora pathogens
10:40 Break (Poster & sponsor setup)
11:10 Ryan Mueller, Microbiology
Linking phylogenetic identity and biogeochemical function of uncultivated marine microbes with novel mass spectrometry techniques
  [Joyce Loper introduces C. Whistler]
11:35 Cheryl Whistler, University of New Hampshire
Barbarians at the gate: Adaptive evolution of squid-naive Vibrio fischeri to light organ symbiosis
12:20 Lunch (Poster and Sponsor setups / displays)
    Moderator: Siva Kolluri
1:35 Michael Banks, Cooperative Institute for Marine Resource Studies (CIMRS)
Enigmas Related to the Ocean Migration of Chinook Salmon
2:00 Justin Sanders, Microbiology
Development of a novel vertebrate model for the cosmopolitan parasite, Toxoplasma gondii
2:25 Patrick De Leenheer, Mathematics/Integrative Biology
On finding hotspots and sinks in a multipatch malaria model
2:50 Break (Poster and Sponsor setups / displays)
3:15 Prasad Kopparapu, Environmental & Molecular Toxicology
Fighting Cancer with its own tools
3:40 William Bisson, Environmental & Molecular Toxicology
Computer-aided cancer drug discovery and chemoprevention in the postgenomic era
4:05 Shankar Subramaniam, University of California – San Diego
The Impact of “Omics” on Systems Medicine
4:50 Ron Adams, Interim Vice President of Research
Closing remarks
5:00 Poster Session/Reception, Sponsor Displays