Frontiers at the Intersection of the Life and Quantitative Sciences

Friday, September 17, 2021 Online

Speaker Bios
Location Time Event
Conference Floor 8:00 Doors open. Explore the virtual conference space and watch a SpatialChat tutorial
Stage 9:00 Brett Tyler, Director, CQLS
  • Introduction to the Center for Quantitative Life Sciences
Stage 9:30 Matthew Bennett, Professor of Biosciences, Rice University
  • Dynamics of synthetic gene circuits: from cells to consortia to organisms
Free 10:15 Break (setup for posters)
Stage 10:45 Gail Rosen, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Drexel University
  • Machine Learning of Microbiomes: Learning and Exploring Structure and Function of DNA and Proteins at Multiple Scales
Stage 11:30

Richard Rodrigues, Bioinformatician at Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc

  • Host-Microbiome Multi-Omics Data Integration in Cancer Immunotherapy
Discussion Rooms 12:00 Lunch (networking with guest speakers and Presentation by Agilent from 12:15-12:45)
Stage 1:00 Maya KaelbererMedical Instructor in the Department of Medicine, Duke University
  • Sugar transduction in the gut
Stage 1:45 Marian Hettiaratchi, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
  • Developing Biomaterials for Tissue Repair using Bio-transport Modeling
Stage 2:15

Mark Phillips, Department of Integrative Biology, Oregon State University

  • Using Experimental Evolution to Study the Genetics of Adaptation

Free 2:45 Break
Stage 3:00 Lightning Talks (you can vote for your favorite lightning talk at
Poster Rooms 3:45 Poster Session (you can vote for your favorite poster session at
Stage 4:45 Closing Remarks


Kevin Brown, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chemical, Biological, & Environmental Engineering
Molly Burke, Integrative Biology
Maude David, Microbiology & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Patrick De Leenheer, Mathematics and Integrative Biology
Perry Hystad, Public Health & Human Science
Natalia Shulzhenko, Biomedical Sciences, Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine