New Locks Coming to CQLS, Old Lock will be removed
IMPORTANT: Request Access to Multi-user equipment with new lock system

New Locks Coming to CQLS, Old Locks will be Removed

CQLS will be starting a project of installing new electronic locks for our doors. The old locks with key codes will be removed. With the updated locks, the encrypted orange OSU ID card will be needed to unlock the door.

Timeline to install the locks is soon, but a moving target.  Installation is delayed until late July or sometime in August. No date is set yet. Send us the information so that you have access to the equipment as soon as the locks are installed.

In order for us to grant access to a door
  • We will need each individual’s name and OSU ID number
  • PI must approve each user to access the equipment and be responsible for that person's proper usage.
  • Access is contingent on appropriate use of equipment.
  • Some instruments will need training before access can be given.
  • We will check against trainee lists before giving access to some rooms.
  • Make sure you have the newer encrypted ID (it's orange). If you don’t, it is free at the OSU ID center in the MU from 9am-3pm and takes about 5-10 minutes. No appointment needed.
  • Request Access to Multi-user equipment with new lock system
Please note that rooms affected are
  • ALS 2156 Multiuser annex (Nanodrop, Qubit, Azure imager, ABI 7500 Real-Time PCR)
  • ALS 3131 (BioTek plater reader)
  • ALS 2070 (Keyence Microscope, Confocal Microscope)