There are changes coming shortly to our calendar reservation system and eventually our ordering system. CQLS is a pilot lab for the Research Equipment & Lab Management System (RELMS).   RELMS is a transaction processing system for facilities to manage users, schedule equipment, track usage, and bill for services.  RELMS automates and streamlines existing processes which will reduce administrative burden for end-users, lab administrators, and staff. 

We are going to transition all our reservation instruments into RELMS at this time.  Effective October 25, all scheduling and reservations for the Azure c600 Imager, Digital PCR,  Nanodrop, Bio-Tek Plate Reader, Qubit, Real-Time PCR, and Keyence BZ-X710 Fluorescence Microscope will go through RELMS. Our Zeiss LSM 780 Confocal Microscope will transition a few weeks later. If you already have access to our current calendar system, over the next few days you will be receiving a “Welcome email” from RELMS letting you know that your account has been created. When you would like to utilize the calendar for the instrument, please go to RELMS to make a reservation.  You then login as an OSU user.  Here is a demo on how to login as an OSU user. 

A reservation in the calendar system will give you preference on the system and for some instruments it is necessary for use. If you are no longer using our equipment, will not need to make a reservation, or do not want an account in RELMS contact Anne-Marie Girard

If you will need to purchase an item through RELMS such as a MAP16 plate for Digital PCR, or use our confocal microscope, you will need to add payment information to RELMS in order to make that process work. If so fill out the form (Here) – it requests the payment source information (index) that we can use to set up a payment account. For reservations on instruments without a charge, which are almost all of them, you will not need to do this.

We want to thank you in advance for your patience during our pilot program.  Additional communications and training materials are available at the Research Office website here: RELMS website.  If there are any questions about how to use the new system, l can also help make reservations and show you what is needed.

Please contact Anne-Marie Girard or for assistance, to answer questions, or provide other feedback.