Monday, June 3, 2013


8:00 Registration & refreshments (Poster & lightning talk slides setup) 
9:00 Brett Tyler, Director, CGRB
Opening Remarks
    Moderator: Molly Kile, College of Public Health & Human Sciences
9:15 Katrina Waters, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Integration of Multiple Omics Data for Network Reconstruction of Viral Pathogenesis
10:15 Natalia Shulzhenko, OSU College of Veterinary Medicine
Antibiotic-induced Changes in Microbiota and Its Host: A Multi-omics Perspective
10:35 Break (Poster & lightning talk slides setup)
11:10 Cindy Grimm, OSU Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Research
Analyzing Shape Change in Biological Structures
11:30 Edward Waymire, OSU Department of Mathematics
Some Dynamic, Stochastic and Numerical Problems from Biology
11:55 Lunch and Poster Session
Turn in poster ballot envelopes to registration desk for counting by 2:00pm
    Moderator: Yanming Di, Statistics
2:00 E. Andrés Houseman, OSU College of Public Health
DNA Methylation Arrays and Cell Mixtures
2:25 Yuan Jiang, OSU Department of Statistics
Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes by Adjusting the Non-Uniformity in RNA-Seq Data
2:50 Break
3:20 Molly Megraw, OSU  Department of Botany & Plant Pathology
Promoter Architecture in Plant Model Systems
3:45 Joe Beckman, OSU  Environmental Health Sciences Center
Closing remarks

Awards Ceremony