Monday, April 7, 2014

Poster Award Winners

Postdoc/Trainee/Faculty:  Jonathan Galazka
Grad student: Renee Bellinger
Undergrad student: Steven Hill


8:00 Registration & refreshments (Poster & lightning talk slides setup) 
9:00 Brett Tyler, Director, CGRB
Opening Remarks
    Moderator: Glencora Borradaile
9:10 Gail Rosen, Drexel University
Computational Challenges in Processing Metagenomic Data
10:00 Break (Poster & lightning talk slides setup)
10:30 Thomas Sharpton, OSU, Microbiology/Statistics
From Noise to Signal: Mining Human Exome Sequences Reveals the Hunter-Gatherer Oral Microbiome
10:55 Stephen Giovannoni, OSU, Microbiology
The Broad Implications of Genome Streamlining
11:20 Christopher Sullivan, OSU, CGRB
Managing data across different experiments, hardware platforms and research groups

Lunch and Poster Session
Turn in poster ballot envelopes to registration desk for counting by 2:00pm

    Moderator: Yuan Jiang
2:00 Arash Termehchy, OSU, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Design Independent Data Exploration
2:25 David Hendrix, OSU, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Surfing the Noncoding RNA tidal wave
2:50 Stephen Ramsey, OSU, Biomedical Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
An Integrative Computational Systems Biology Approach for Mapping Gene Regulatory Networks
3:15 Break
   Moderator: Thomas Sharpton
3:50 Awards Ceremony, Brett Tyler
4:00 Sandrine Dudoit, UC Berkeley
Normalization of RNA-Seq Data

Thomas Dietterich, OSU, Distinguished Professor and Director of Intelligent Systems
Closing Remarks