Scientific Advisory Board

The Center for Quantitative Life Sciences is served by two advisory boards. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of representative faculty members from the departments affiliated with the CQLS. They serve at the invitation of the Vice President for Research on a rotational basis. Two external board members also meet annually with the internal board and the director, and provide a critical review of the Center's budgets, personnel and activities.

Internal Board Members

Theo Dreher, Microbiology
Glencora Borradaile, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Yuan Jiang, Statistics
Molly KileBiological and Population Health Sciences
Chrissa Kioussi, Pharmacy
Niklaus Grünwald, Botany and Plant Pathology
Steven Strauss, Forest Ecosystems & Society


External Board Members


Administrative Advisory Board

An administrative advisory board also oversees the activities of the Center and is comprised of the Deans from the colleges of CQLS-affiliated faculty.

Irem Tumer, Vice President, Research Office
Staci Simonich, Associate Vice President, Research Office
Roberta Marinelli, Dean, College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Scott Ashford, Dean, College of Engineering
Roy Haggerty, Dean, College of Science
F. Javier Nieto, Dean, College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Susan Tornquist, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
Grace Kuo, Dean, College of Pharmacy
Dan Arp, Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences
Anthony Davis, Dean, College of Forestry