The CQLS Core Facilities has an AB 3730 capillary DNA sequencer to resolve and analyze fluorescently labeled DNA fragments for genotyping applications.

Drop off genotyping plates in the CQLS freezer in Agricultural and Life Sciences (ALS) Building 3137C, during business hours Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

ABI GeneMapper® software is used to analyze the .fsa output files by sizing fragments based on internal lane standard. Further analysis with GeneMapper® can be used for microsatellite analysis, AFLP analysis, gene expression profiling, mutation detection, and mutation screening.  GeneMapper® can be accessed on a specific computer in the CQLS which is running a client version of the software.  Researchers can purchase a client version for their own lab, if they wish.  The full version of GeneMapper® is also available to purchase from Applied Biosystems.

Free software, also available to visualize the .fsa files, include Peak Scanner (software available to borrow and download, pick-up CD in the CQLS Core Facilities) and Genographer.

We are currently running microsatellites and AFLPs on a diverse set of organisms, including salmon, oysters, poplar, sunflower, birds, snakes, potatoes, barley, wheat, hazelnuts, fungi and soil and marine microorganisms.

New users of the Genotyping Service should consult with Liz Zepeda at (541) 737-3413 for assistance with this service. Users should be aware of plate format, fluorescent primer, and fragment quality requirements for analysis using the robotic ABI 3730 machines.

Use CQLS Web Ordering Site to place your order and to check the status of your order.

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