We manage CQLS user mail lists with the Mailman application. Mailman allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe from a given list through a web interface.

Typically, list members can send mail directly to a list. Mail from non-members will be moderated, meaning that someone at the CQLS will determine if the mail should be sent to the list or deleted.

Occasionally, the email address of a list member is used by a third party or computer virus to spam an email list. In that event, that email address will be deleted from the mail list. We will advise the list member and ask them to resubscribe with a new email address.

List Name
CQLS-BUG Bioinformatics User Group
CQLS-community CQLS and Core Lab notices, outages, and vendor presentations
CQLS-confocal-users Confocal Microscope User List
CQLS-GBS Genotyping by Sequencing
CQLS-HTS CQLS High Throughput Sequencing List
(Illumina NextSeq 2000 and MiSeq sequencers)
CQLS-seminar CQLS Seminar series, special lectures and conferences