General Information

The CQLS Health Data & Informatics (HDI) Program is focused on providing resource planning support, establishing new resources, and developing opportunities for collaboration for researchers whose research involves health data.


You may be interested in connecting with the HDI Program if your current or planned research includes:

  • collecting, managing, integrating, analyzing, and applying diverse biomedical and health-related data
  • developing new data methods and/or tools for use with health data
  • working with publicly available health data, such as the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) or the Medical Expenditure Survey (MEPS) or other datasets
  • working with electronic health records from health systems, or health insurance claims data, such as Medicare or Medicaid claims data
  • using apps to collect health data
  • using Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) software to collect and manage research data
  • connecting with health plans and/or systems and/or collaborators to conduct your research involving health data

We recognize that health data and informatics research and expertise may reside in any college or program and aim to involve interested faculty and students from across OSU and affiliates. We are also engaging external stakeholders with interests in data-intensive biomedical and health research.

You can connect with HDI via the list serv.