NOTICE:  You will need to be added to RELMS to be able to login and submit events to certain calendars, More Information
  • Update: Starting July 1, 2021 ALS 4001 is exclusively reserved through the new 25Live system
  • All scheduling for ALS 4001 auditorium from 8:00am-3:00pm on Mondays-Thursdays is controlled by the Schedule Desk. Classes have first priority during this time period and events that are approved may be bumped for a class. Scheduling from 3:00-5:00pm on Mondays-Thursdays, and 8:00am-5:00pm on Fridays is controlled by the CQLS. Request through 25Live or email Konnie Handschuch.
  • The projector is accessed through the podium and is laptop ready. Just plug in and use your own laptop. Directions for operation are on the podium.
Mark Dasenko will schedule all events, please do not submit events.  Information on High Throughput Sequencing (HTS). Please note that the events listed on this calendar are for reference only, and are subject to change on a daily basis to reflect the status of the Illumina sequencer and completed runs.


Instrument Calendars
Azure c600 Imager ALS 3139
  • ANNOUNCMENT: New calendar reservation system. All reservations now go through RELMS.  More Information
  • Information on Shared Equipment.
  • The multi-user equipment in ALS 3139, ALS 3131 is available for trained users.
  • Request training to get gain access to instrument use and reservation calendars.
  • Contact Anne-Marie Girard for more information


Digital PCR ALS 3139
 NanoDrop  ALS 3139
Plate Reader ALS 3131
Qubit Fluorometer ALS 3139
 Real-Time PCR  ALS 3139
Microscope Calendars
  • ANNOUNCMENT: New calendar reservation system. Keyence reservations now go through RELMS. Confocal Microscope will switch a few weeks later.  More Information
  • Information on CQLS Microscopes.
  • Located in ALS 2070.
  • Contact the room (ALS 2070) at 737-9826.
  • For training and calendar access contact Anne-Marie Girard

 Zeiss LSM 780 NLO Confocal Microscope 

Zeiss Zen Microscope Analysis Workstation



This usage section covers the following areas:

ADMIN Account Setup

Any user wishing to submit an event to the instrument calendars need to request ADMIN access by emailing Anne-Marie Girard with the following information:

  • ONID username
  • Lab name
  • Calendar name

Upon receiving notification that you have been added as an ADMIN, you can login and submit new events to the calendar. Instructions on submitting events can be found on the Calendar Help and Basic Usage.  After entering the information for the event and clicking "Continue," you will be taken to a Preview screen (pictured below). Make sure that the "Auto-approve on My Calendars" checkbox is checked before you click "Submit."  (This checkbox allows your event to be posted immediately and only appears if you have logged in.)

Example of an Event Submission Page


Overlapping Calendar Entries

The Calendar was designed to allow for simultaneous entry of multiple events. Therefore, users entering events need to verify (both before and after submitting an event) that their event does not overlap with another user's event. The following example illustrates two users on the Nanodrop calendar with overlapping events. This is not acceptable, because the Core Facilities only has a single Nanodrop available for use.

Note: There are different calendar views available in Advanced view via the following icons:

Calendar icons  These icons respectively represent "Day," "Week," "Month," and "List" view.


List View

Example of Calendar List View

Day View

Example of Calendar Day View

After submitting your event, please carefully look at the calendar to verify that your event been posted and that it does not overlap with any other event. If you find that you have overlapped with another user's event, you need to delete your event and reschedule for an available time.



If you have additional questions about the calendars, please contact the CQLS Core Lab or Matthew Peterson.